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Yu Yu Hakusho OC - Minami  Hakako by xXIvkaXx
Yu Yu Hakusho OC - Minami Hakako
Hi there! Unbelievably I made this in 6 hours, which in my book means super fast. Here is yet another pic of Hakako. This time I'm trying portraying wings and I fail as I fail to make a decent background, but hey this was made on a whim just for practice. Lately I feel my drawings look... flat?
I was practicing adaption of this pose, as I feel the biggest problems are poses:…
One of my most favourite manga-ka artist. The hero of my childhood memories Takeuchi Nakoko.
I have nothing to more to say at the moment, but I sure will have after I get some sleep.
Percy Jackson OC Demigod Meme Song Nana by xXIvkaXx
Percy Jackson OC Demigod Meme Song Nana
I can't believe how fast this went!!! I'm studying for my exams... But I was able to put this together like in 4 hours (4 days)! (An hour for each day, no more leisure time than that, when studying :D)

This is one of my many Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus original characters. Each of the characters faces different obstacles that can occur in this universe beside obvious quests.
Nana in particular faces the problem of being unclaimed and being brought up in old-fashioned Asian traditional household by grandparents. (No greek gods whatsoever)

In a nutshell: Nana Song is a 16-years old girl of Korean descend. Her mother passed away right after giving birth to Nana. It was a miracle *wink*god-like-miracle*wink* She was even able to carry the pregnancy till the end, since she had severy weak health: severe case of sun allergy and anemia. Nana grew up in loving and calm enviroment with her Korean grandparents.
She was picked up by a satyr and consequently ended up in Camp Half-Blood. Ended up in Hermes' cabin #11 and lived as unclaimed for years. It was assumed her father must have been minor god as she never encountered any monster and the satyr foound her more or less coincidentaly.

She is an aspiring doctor and one of the best healers in the Camp. Though, she literally cures, no singing or incantations, more of instincts and knowledge. She isn't a good fighter, but she doesn't want to end up as MJTDID: Mary-Jane's Type of Damsel in Distress; so she at least tries to work on the only thing she can do: archery. (Not especially profiecent) Yup, she likes comics and chick flicks and she often quotes them.

She concluded, she is Asklepius' daughter. He is allegedly son of Apollo and the god of medicine and healing.

Nana is fond of (not neccassarily friends with) Silena Beauregard (I can't believe I spelled that right without checking first). She didn't anything about her at first, but then realised she isn't as vain as she might seem so. She liked her diligence to do the hard work, even though she detested it. She loves how she breaks the stereotype of Aphrodite's kids.
Charles Beckendorf, she likes him, because she had problems with the bows and he actually made her the bow and even the arrows. He even tried to teach her how to make her own arrows. (She rarely fights, but if she shoots the arrow out, she tries to find it afterwards).
Annabeth Chase, she hasn't spoken with her much, but she admires, how she was able as kid defend herself against monsters. And she loves the message Annabeth comes with: Don't judge the book by its cover. Not every blonde girl must be stupid and girls can be just as powerful and strong as guys.
Percy Jackson, she likes him, though she probably hasn't ever spoken to him. She of course admires him, because he saved the Olympus, but she loves the sassiness! (As author I think they didn't have many ways to interact, as they schedule was different and they both had different circle of friends)
Tyson she was better acquaintaned with as she spend a lot of time around the forge. She actually doesn't feel as weirded out by him as others (due to her different point of view on mythology).
Leo Valdez: As said before she spent a lot of time either around the forge or infirmary. At first she was weirded out by his approach, but it grew on her (after like five minutes of a small talk) and she finds it very very funny. They are just acquaintaces, though.
Will Solace: He is actually young compared to her, as she was in her late teens when she met Will, but they both share passion for healing. They spent a lot of times together in infirmary making healing potions and medicine for injuried and sick. She is his somewhat an older sister as she taught him all she knew.
I kinda hurried thinking of this question so here are additional characters that Nana is maybe even better acquainted than Annabeth, Percy and Leo (but these are her favourite of the main cast): Kate Gardner, Connor and Travis Stoll (they aren't bestest buddies, but she lives with them underone roof after all), Pollux and Castor and Zoe Nightshade (she was impressed and long thought about joining Hunteresses)
Fatal flaw: Her problems is her reluctance to accept changes and to say good-bye to things she attached herself too. (Thanks Fates there aren't many of those). Another would be her sun allergy(breaks out in itchy rashes, slight anemia), she has to pour gallons of SPF all over herself and once in awhile has to hide in the shade for few minutes.

Nana is less than impressed by: Drew Tanaka (makes Asian look bad, actually Ethan as well), Octavian (that guy's a psycho keep him far away from Mr. Hoppity), Atlas (who kills their own child like that?)

Nana's ships (she likes comics, she is bound to be a shipper): Percabeth (especially because their parents hate each other), Silendorf ( actually the same reason as the first one), Thaluke (living with Luke she heard and noticed how he spoke of her and is deeply moved how he feels even though she is no longer alive; she was mad, when her Tree was poisoned; later when met Thalia, still shipped them, even though she kinda hated Luke for betraying Camp), Travis and Katie (she felt younger seeing how Travis treated Katie, like a elementary boy with crush), Solangelo (She left the Camp, because she was old enough to take care of herself, but returned when Romans attacked the Greeks, stayed afterward to tend to the injured and she was happy for them, especially for Will, as he is like little brother to her).

That would be it.

Geez~ These descriptions take much more time than scetching a whole meme...
Anyway big thanks to for this lovely and enjoyable meme.


Thuy Van/ Ivana/ Ivuška/ Teevee
Czech Republic
So hello, those who my read this.
I have a ton of things to share. One of them is my stupidity... :stupidme:
I want to participate in the contest of this group: :iconw-i-t-c-h-universe: Itīs called The 'New Power' Contest (16,000 point contest)

Itīs late to talk you into participating, let alone for me... I had a really baaad week and I am finishing this project last minute, but please, can you just check it out?

I recently nostlagicly longed for the roots of my artistic nature the fact that I donīt have one is a different case but to sum it up, I ended up looking through my old and I mean OLD collection of the early comics.

I canīt believe I still have them :D :yoohoo:

BUT to return to our previous topic, I wanted to participate, and I hope I still can, because believe it or not, I thought I already did write an entry and joined the group, but because I had so much to do that I didnīt even realise I didnīt do that...

So here I am in hope, I can still participate and I hope youīll like my entry.

So I know you canīt participate, but at least spare a minute and chech the group out, if you like Witch.
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